People, when united a common will to address for a common cause, do miracles. This is a group of youth in Pallahada block of Angul district proved in 1995. They could not see the suffering of their people and hence united together to fight against the factors causing their people suffering. At the beginning the organised themselves to form definite goals and achievable objectives. Organised the people suffering made them aware about their causes of suffering, prepared plans and addressed the problems in priority. Due to lake of adequate resources and technical know-how, these enthusiastic youths did not get discouraged, rather pried to mobilize resources in one had and picked up small solution within their capacity to lesson the problems.

The programmes they focused in the sixties were mostly labour intensive and participatory which took the organisation to a center stage being on integral part of the socio-economic and cultural lives of the people. Gramina Bikas Sangathan (GBS) after getting registered in 1998-1999 become a people’s organisation to the extent that it becomes a pathfinder of the people. Over the years, the untiring efforts of the organisation has been focus on community initiatives forwards achieving social justice and improving the quality of life of the densely populated tribal poor.


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